Forgo the Latte: Support TCSAR today!

Good Morning, 
This morning, with Old Bills Fun Run just a few days away, I am asking all of you to take 5 minutes and become a supporter of my second family, Teton County Search and Rescue.  I joined this team in 2007 and every day feel so lucky to be part of such an awesome part of the Jackson Hole community. 
Our team has had 28 call-outs since June 1st,  59 since January 1.  Last year, volunteers donated over 4000 hours to training, 3000 hours to rescuing and gave over 1000 hours to educate the community.  
The money we raise at Old Bill’s Fun Run directly supports these volunteers through training funds, life saving equipment and just to make their lives slightly easier (meals at training are huge!).  Direct volunteer support is our biggest budget line item by far.  We also use these funds to help educate the community through What’s in your Pack classes, ads and working with school groups.  
This year’s Old Bill’s ad reads Hands Held… Jenn and Tim hold every patients hand and it shows.  Tim a volunteer for 21 years, Jenn for 16 are amazing team members, community givers and family members.  I donate this year in awe of their service, their commitment and their friendship.  I ask you to do the same. 
We have a big goal this year, 500 supporters (last year we had 426), so every person truly counts.  I will never turn away the big donor (thank you to so many of you for having the funds and commitment) but this morning I’m asking my friends and family to forgo the expensive latte, the second pastry or the extra beer and put that $5 or $10 towards supporting Jenn, Tim and the other 28 volunteers that I call family.  
Donate Here.. it’s easy and we will all be incredibly grateful.  
Thanks for your time this morning and enjoy your day!