Donate Today Through Old Bills Fun Run

All of our supporters and friends should know by now that my life is pretty dominated by SAR--work and volunteer-- this organization is my community, my passion and my vehicle to make Jackson Hole a better place to live, play and raise a family. 
Friday night TCSAR was the benefactor of an amazing concert put on by incredible women honoring incredible men who meant so much to this community, to their families, and to me personally.  I woke up Saturday morning emotional and out of sorts.  People kept asking; wasn't the show amazing, how much money did we raise, are there any more of those purple hats (sorry, those are sold out).  We did raise a lot of money, we did inspire, we did raise awareness.. but what I really wanted was to not have to be there in the first place.  I wanted to be at home Friday night watching a movie with Ellery, or taking a late afternoon bike ride, or chatting with Stephen about upcoming board events.. or even better, run into Luke on my way home to chat about weekend bbq's and camping plans.. 
So this year I donated to the TCSAR Foundation in the hope that next year we will raise NO money from memorial concerts, that we will NEVER again receive a donation honoring a community member that has fallen in the mountains, and that maybe we don't even make our budget goals (sorry board members) because not that many people needed our help in the first place and no community members lost their lives.  
 It's a vision, not a goal.  But it's my vision and I hope you all (and the friends, family and neighbors you send an email to reminding them that Old Bills is SATURDAY and they should DONATE today) share my vision for quiet bbq's and silent phones (aka no call outs).  
Thanks everyone for spreading the word.

BTW.. We didn't send a mailer this year.. We're trying to do our part.. Instead.. We've created this video.. Enjoy.. Share.. Pass Along... 

With Love, 
Stephanie Thomas
TCSAR Volunteer #74
TCSAR Foundation,  Executive Director