Get to Know SAR Volunteer Marilynn Davis

Marilynn Davis at the TCSAR Hangar.

Marilynn Davis at the TCSAR Hangar.

Marilynn Davis joined the TCSAR team of volunteers in 2015. We sat down last week to learn a little more about her. If you see her around town, we’re fairly confident you could make her day by buying her a green juice and chatting about music!


TCSAR: Can you tell us a little about your family?
Marilynn: My mom is from Ecuador. My dad was in Peace Corps when they met. I’m the middle child and I was born in Ecuador but raised in Rhode Island. My mom was super industrious - she came to U.S., learned English, got a masters degree in education and then taught English as a second language for 30 years in elementary school. 

TCSAR: How did you end up in Jackson?
Marilynn: Jake and I got married and we spent our first winter married in Vermont. It rained the whole time so we left and looked around in Montana, Colorado, Utah and California for a place to live. Once we got to Jackson we decided this was it! 

TCSAR: What inspired you to become a SAR volunteer? 
Marilynn: I believe in volunteerism and contributing to the community. With Jake on the team years before I joined, I always felt like the dog on the porch when he left for missions. It's great to be able to volunteer and have quality family time with him at the same time. 
(TCSAR: Marilynn’s husband Jake Urban is a SAR volunteer and the SAR Training Advisor.)

 Marilynn in her happy place.

 Marilynn in her happy place.


TCSAR: What's your best day in the mountains like?
Marilynn: Ski mountaineering on a powder day with Jake or my girlfriends.

TCSAR: What do you do when you can’t ski?
Marilynn: I love to mountain bike, climb, and walk around in the mountains for days. I also love the ocean and the beach!

TCSAR: What do you do when you're not playing in the mountains or rescuing people?
Marilynn: I work part time as a paramedic and firefighter for JH Fire/EMS and part time as a Medical Unit Leader for a Type 1 Incident Management Team out of the northern Rockies. I also teach and co-own the Jackson Hole Outdoor Leadership Institute with my husband, Jake. 

TCSAR: Where is your next vacation going to be?
Marilynn: Ecuador - to climb a high peak with Jake, the Galapagos and then visit my mom on San Cristobal. 

TCSAR: What's the best vacation you've ever taken?
Marilynn: Holidaze 2015. It was a music festival in the Dominican Republic. We were on the beach for 5 days with a couple dozen friends. 

Marilynn low on the C Ridge.

Marilynn low on the C Ridge.

TCSAR: We hear you’re very into music. What kind do you like?
Marilynn: I love jam bands - Umphrey’s McGee, Lettuce and Sound Tribe Sector 9. I love contemporary jazz like Medeski Martin and Wood. I love the DJ’s Emancipator and Bonobo. I love Satriani and electronica like Ratatat and the String Cheese Incident. I love live music and going to music festivals and dancing like a crazy person!

TCSAR: What’s your favorite piece of gear or gadget?
Marilynn: I love the 700 fill puffy! 

TCSAR: What will we always find in your backcountry pack?
Marilynn: Food, something Gore-Tex and a hat.

TCSAR: What’s your favorite food?
Marilynn: Really anything that's fresh, organic and preferably includes veggies. I'm a solid eater!