Broken Branch Couloir Rescue

The callout was received on the afternoon of February 28th that there was an injured skier in Broken Branch Couloir.  With some weather and wind moving in it was imperative to move quickly. 

TCSAR members gathered in the JHMR parking lot while the pilot and a few others stayed at the building to decide on heli use. During this time, ski patrol was able to respond and locate the victim who had slipped over some rocks while hiking.  

A ski patroller on scene had significant experience with shorthaul so for the safety of everyone involved it was decided to shorthaul the litter unattended.  The ski patroller safely packaged the victim and loaded him up.  The TCSAR volunteers met the patient at the loading zone and safely loaded him into the ambulance. 

Interesting Note: It took the pilot 13 minutes to leave the LZ, pick up the patient and safely deposit him back in the parking lot.  Way to go Ken!