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How Teton County Search and Rescue Members are 100% Committed to Jackson Hole 
1.  Volunteers have spent 2,200 hours rescuing people to date in 2013. 
2. Volunteers have spent over 2,800 hours on trainings, planning and community outreach to date in 2013. 
3.  The longest rescue this year took over 22 hours.. and utilized 75 boy scouts to help search
4. SAR volunteers spent 15 hours on Mother’s Day 2013 rescuing 3 people from the Wind/Ice Cave.  
5. SAR has been around since 1993, 20 year history in the valley of saving lives
6. 4 members of our current team joined in 1993, meaning they have 20 years of continual service for our community. 
7.  SAR members rescue 24 hours a day/7 days a week.. in the middle of Christmas dinner, 4th of July, negative 20 degree night—They are ALWAYS on call. 
8. 100% of donations directly support SAR volunteers through equipment purchases, advanced training, personal safety gear and community outreach. 
9. Over 60% of our search and rescue missions help local community members, like your neighbors, your co-workers and possibly you.  
10. 35 volunteers, 1 mission. Serve so others may live.  
Search and Rescue is 100% Committed to the Jackson Hole Community. 
Last year over 400 people donated to SAR through Old Bill’s. Please help us reach that target again!  Every donation and every contributor means so much to our volunteers.  Please join our team by donating to Teton County Search and Rescue Foundation today at  Thank you and see you at Old Bills on Saturday!