Old Bills is this Saturday: Join me in Donating to TCSAR

Hello family, friends, neighbors and colleagues, 
I’ve been a member of the Teton County Search and Rescue team since 2006. I train every month throughout the year and often times leave my husband and son at dinner, before breakfast and on on weekends to help rescue people.  My 2 year olds yells out “Search and Rescue” every time we pass by our building on Hwy 22.  It’s a big part of our lives. 
Team members train between 100-200 hours per year to be ready for any incident and we respond to more then 60 call-outs per year throughout Teton County. 
We are a dedicated team. 
Beyond that, most team members donate money to the team during the Old Bill’s giving season.  
WE do a lot.  WE see the critical need for Search and Rescue in our community.  
I’m asking you today to consider standing by the volunteer team and to please make a donation through Old Bills.  Whether it’s $5 or $5,000, our foundation and team will use donations to pay for: 
  • Volunteer Support and Personal Equipment
  • Advanced Training and Educational Opportunities
  • Advocacy and Community Education
Your donation does make a difference to our team. 
Thank you for the support and hope to see you at Old Bills this Saturday! 
You can donate RIGHT NOW at www.oldbills.org.