Members of TCSAR have had a busy week responding to 7 separate incidents in as many days.

The week started off with the evacuation of an injured horseback rider on Munger Mountain.  The riders horse had slipped and thrown the man resulting in injuries that necessitated a wheeled litter extrication.  

Then on Wednesday evening TC SAR evacuated an injured hiker from Alaska basin with the help of the Forest Service helicopter.  The hiker, who was with a well prepared group, had slipped on snow and taken a hard fall and was unable to continue on his own.  The group contacted TC SAR through a SPOT locator which allowed for a quick fix on their location.  This was important as the team was racing to reach the party before sunset grounded the helicopter.

Thursday, the team responded to an injured hiker at the top of Teton pass.  The hiker had slipped and injured her ankle and was unable to bear weight on her leg.  Luckily she was not far from the trailhead and the team was able to quickly wheel her to the trailhead.

Friday the team responded to two separate incidents.  First the team responded to an injured mountain biker on the Ferrins trail.  The biker had injured his hip after falling from his bike while descending the trail.  Many bystanders assisted the team by staying with the injured biker and helping the team to find him quickly.  The rescue was really a community effort.  Thanks Jackson!  The second call was for a fisherman on the Gros Ventre river just below Slide Lake.  The man was not feeling well and having difficulty moving back to where his car was.  Luckily law enforcement and an ambulance from Jackson Hole Fire/EMS were able to respond to the scene quickly, and the man began feeling better, and he walked out on his own.

Finally on Sunday the Team responded to a medical incident on the Hagen trail.  The hiker was awake but unable to continue under his own power.  As the team was responding to this incident another call for a downed aircraft was received and the team quickly split into two parts.  As the team was sending equipment north of town the pilot of the aircraft spoke with dispatch and the team was stood down once it was found that there were no serious injuries and the plane was near the highway.  This allowed the team to once more focus on the medical incident and the ailing hiker was quickly wheeled to a waiting ambulance and transported to the hospital for further care.

A tired team spent the rest of the afternoon resting and rehabbing gear from a weeks worth of use.  As a new week begins in Jackson Hole please be careful and enjoy the great summer weather.