TCSAR rescue fallen climber at JHMR

Team members spent Wednesday night rescuing a fallen climber from the Rock Springs area of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.  18 team members responded with ATV’s, high angle gear, a wheeled litter, medical supplies and overnight packs.  With quick response, highly motivated volunteers and a few partners—our patient was flown to St. Johns for evaluation.

Thank you EIRMC for your quick response and your ability to fly at night to our patient—it wasn’t easy—you are truly skilled.  

A huge thanks to the JHMR tram operators for their diligence, awesome ATV skills and the ability to run the tram until after midnight for us—riding an ATV off the tram—PRICELESS.

 Lastly, thank you Shooting Star for your parking lot—It enabled us to establish communications with our parties on the mountain when communications would otherwise be tricky.