Members of TCSAR responded to 3 separate incidents on Thursday, the last stretching well into the night.

The first callout was an interagency assist requested by Fremont county.  Members were mobilized to assist with a search for a missing snowmobiler.  Luckily the snowmobiler was located near Union pass quickly and TCSAR members were stood down.

The second and third callouts occurred simultaneously.  TCSAR received a 911 call from a a skier who had gone out of bounds at JHMR.  The skier had attempted to ski a line in Four Pines.  An avalanche caught and stranded the skier in the backcountry, and they were unable to ski out.  

At the same time that the team was mobilizing to respond to this call a second call came in for a stranded snowmobiler up the Cache Creek drainage.  The Team split into separate units and responded to both incidents.  The snowmobiler up Cache Creek was located and with help able to ride out without difficulty.

The other members of TCSAR responded to JHMR and fielded two hasty teams into blizzard like conditions to search for the avalanched skier.  911 had provided GPS coordinates and with the help of GPS and good old Whistle blowing the skier was located. The teams then packaged the skier in a sked (a bendable plastic toboggan) and skied out of the backcountry.  Members of the JHMR ski patrol then assisted the team with snowmobiles back to the base of the village. The team arrived back at the JHMR around 9pm tired but happy with the outcome of a hard days work.

Please consider the backcountry conditions carefully before deciding to head out.  Stay safe.