Triple Threat:

Members of the TCSAR team mobilized for 3 separate incidents today during our first sunny day since the storm that dumped more than 50 inches in the mountains.

The first call came early Tuesday morning when concerned parties contacted TCSAR, noting a slide in Little Tuckerman’s with a possible ski track going into the slide.  The TCSAR team was paged to respond but stood down after helicopter recon flights indicated lots of old avalanche activity but no new slide.

The team was then put on standby for an out of bounds skier near four pines, south of JHMR.  The skier reportedly had a lower leg injury.  Luckily the Ski Patrol from JHMR, going above and beyond their duty, responded and were able to locate and extricate the individual.

Finally, TCSAR members were paged to respond to a massive avalanche on the East Face of Taylor Mountain.  The same area that claimed the life of a local skier just a few short years ago.  Multiple parties reported the slide and noted that it ran to the valley floor and crossed Coal Creek.  Again, the members of TCSAR were stood down after a reconnaissance flight and interviews on scene indicated that the slide was initiated by a ski cut made by a party interested in skiing the route.

It has been a busy time for TCSAR with multiple calls regarding avalanches and possible injuries in the backcountry.  Please remember that the Avy Danger is still Considerable. Expert terrain and route finding skills are needed to safely navigate the backcountry at this time.  Also, please consider what may be below your intended route as the slide from Taylor crossed Coal Creek at a time when there were several people in the area that could have been affected.  Stay safe out there.