TCSAR Foundation

The TCSAR Foundation is a non-profit that directly supports volunteers through equipment purchases, advanced training opportunities and personal support.  The foundation was created in 1993 and was transformed to its current state in 2010 to help support the creation of the TCSAR Facility located off of Hwy 22 in Jackson, WY.  The foundation works with various community groups  on education and outreach opportunities and works with local and state politicians on issues that affect SAR funding, opportunities and advancement.  


Foundation Board Members

Missy Falcey / President
Ned Jannotta / Vice President
Jesse Stover / Secretary
Bill Hoglund / Treasurer
Leslie Mattson
Clay Geittmann
Ryan Coombs
Hugh O’Halloran


Jenn Sparks
David Landes

Liz Brimmer
Don Watkins

Scott Guenther / GTNP Liaison
Jessica King / TCSO Liaison
Cody Lockhart / TCSAR Advisor Liaison



Foundation Staff

Stephanie Thomas / Executive Director
Amy Golightly / Communications Director
Casey Lewis /  Operations & Donor Relations Director