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How will the funds be used?

    1.    Increase our helicopter contract from 6 to 7 months covering critical spring months in the Tetons.
    2.    Create a universal short haul team between GTNP and TCSAR for more complete coverage throughout Teton County.
    3.    Train with other agencies (including JHMR, Togwotee Mountain Lodge and Grand Targhee Resort) to ensure on-ground resources are trained effectively to operate around and near the helicopter during a rescue. This creates more efficient and safer rescues for patients and rescuers.  
    4.    Increase the complexity of training to match the challenges of rescues. With increased fundraising we now can train where rescues actually occur, creating confidence in difficult terrain during stressful rescues.
    5.    Fully train 11 volunteers (with an additional 5 ground crew members) to be certified short haulers for our most tactically challenging rescues.  

How can you help?

1. Make a donation. Whether it's $5, $50 or $500... every dollar counts towards our match. 

2. Tell your friends and encourage them to donate.

3. Always be prepared, practiced and present in the in the backcountry. If you don’t know, don’t go.


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Derek Stal
Adam Meyer & Jen Simon
Melissa Cassutt
Jill Veber
Donald Rockwell
Missy Falcey
Bill Maloney
Karen Wilbrecht
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Matt Livengood
Mark and Teri Snell
Tom and Linda Taylor
Jay Layman
Quinn DiLucente
Will and Janice Smith
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Benji Sinclair
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Janet and Bill O’Neil
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Thomas and Sarah Belk
Christine and David Murdoch
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Melissa Owens
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Bradley Krugh
Fio Lazarte and Matt Beal
JC Whitfield
Steve Markason and Elizabeth Drapela
Paul and Susan Divjak
Joe Food
Matthew and Katie Confer
Latham and Megan Jenkins
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Martha and William Best
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Kathryn and Lee Gardner
Judy and David Larson
Sandy and Robert Horn
Jack MacGregor

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Anne Ladd and Len Carlman
Sean O'Malley and Mia Jensen
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Francoise and Jacques F. Roux


You can't put a dollar value on a human life. Just ask Mike, Connor , David, Jesse, Rene and their friends and families. Hear each of their stories of the day their lives were saved with a helicopter rescue in these episodes of The Fine Line podcast:


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