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Volunteer Team + Foundation

Teton County Search and Rescue (TCSAR) was started in 1993 by the Teton County Sheriff's Department to provide vital emergency search and rescue services for Teton County and surrounding areas to those in need.  
The TCSAR Foundation supports TCSAR volunteers through direct support, community education and advocacy.
Together, we create an organization that works to keep Teton County residents and visitors safe in the backcountry 24 hours a day -- 7 days a week.


Latest from the Blog

Kate's Real Food fuels TCSAR volunteers

Teton County Search and Rescue is stoked to have Kate’s Real Food as a sponsor of our team. Our volunteers love Kate’s bars and we go through an incredible amount of them (36 hungry volunteers can eat a LOT!).

We sat down with Kate Schade, founder of Kate’s Real Food, to find out how she got into the bar business, what she always keeps in her pack for backcountry adventures and what’s on the horizon for Kate’s Real Food.