Joining Teton County Search and Rescue

Operational members are the core of TCSAR. These are the first people called on for a rescue incident. All operational members are trained in various types of technical rescues. New operational members are recruited on an as-needed basis. The period between recruitment calls is about 2-3 years. Applicants submit résumés of outdoor, medical, rescue, and other pertinent experience. The applications are screened and a short list is created for personal interviews. Based on applications and interviews, a group of provisional members is selected.

Provisional members attend both special introductory training and regular operational training. They are considered as Associates during incidents. After a one year period, each provisional member`s suitability for the team is evaluated and the new operational members are selected.

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Avalanche Training-Snow King Resort

During the winter months Teton County Search and Rescue provides Avalanche Training open to the public at Snow King Mountain Resort. Residents are encouraged to attend to learn more about avalanche safety while practicing their skills. Please bring ski equipment, beacon, shovels, probes and other necessary winter equipment.